Thursday, May 12, 2011


Been waiting for this night for a long time. Since I first met Dan a few years ago he was putting this show together and now finally It has all come together and been put on the walls of KT Contemporary. I was In yesterday and had a sneaky look about as Dan and his team of fine feathered friends were installing the show and I was instantly blown away by the quality of the work. Dans style has gone up a few levels and entered the WHAT THE FUCK stage. 
This Is one of those shows that needs to be a sell out and should be In every gallery that there Is. The work Is  dynamic compositions and vibrant colour housed In bold brick house lines drag you In questioning constantly if the work was printed or done by hand. If Dan seeks to create work that is as close as he can get to Vector sharp well he has done that and out done it In ways. I wouldn't be a fan of sharp vector style work and I am always curious why anyone would want to get to that level In their work, just skip to the end and use the computer, why mimic it? But Dan has made work that Is more about displaying a flawless skill more than mimicking a computer graphic. His line work, mostly painted with a brush using spray paint, Is crisp and clean throughout. There Is no part of the work on display that shows a lazy side to Dan or that piece he didn't try to hard on. It's clear from what I saw In a passing glance that this show and this work Is very special, It's important. I say this because I feel that Dan Is top of the game, there are a lot of artists out there doing similar work, call It street art, call It graffiti but Dan I think just tags It as art he just happens to use material like spray paint. A unique character, a good mate and one of the hardest working artists that I have ever met. Do yourself the favour and break out of the weekly routine and let loose tonight. Call down to KT Contemporary at 7 for what will be one of the best art shows you will see In a long time. Heineken will be refreshing everyone all night and the Kilo will be breaking out non gallery friendly tunes which will be pure sex as always from the DJ Legend that he is, DJ stands for Dangerously Juicy! 

DANLEO - KT CONTEMPORARY - TONIGHT 7PM Free drink by Heineken Music by the Kilo. 

Disclaimer: If you are a fan of pastel colours and water colour paintings the artist cannot accept responsibility for what may happen to your eyes and face.    

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