Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Day Man Died

 Anyway as I was saying, I dunno how to feel. So much Is happening and time has seemingly lost all it's  purpose. My watch has just become some stupid terrorist hipster ornament  and not that helpful instrument to tell me when its too late or a little too early. Its Saturday and It won't stop raining. Whats with that. Thanks a fuckin bunch sky you dirty cloudy prick, last time I ever admire you or throw you a compliment, your a real sly fucker sometimes, lashing out endless sunny promises and then ya pair up with that dodge climate mate of yours and stab all of us In the back. Nice one.Sound. I put on Lynx Africa outside and sprayed Fabreeze on the grass just In spite of you. 
So what was I saying? Yeah, I dunno how to feel about It, pissed off i guess. I mean what the fuck? You think you know someone, trust someone and then just like a 1960's Batman fight scene  it hits you and clarity becomes a bitch slap with a heavy hand and your minds eye gets a fatty black n blue shiner that lasts for fuck knows how long. Anyway what can be done about It now? The damage has been done and the wounds are as plain as day but blind to the stupid few. I know It's been a while since It happened but I can't get over it, my watch must be as wet as this shitty Saturday cause the time won't push on and I am stuck In this thought of vengeful determination. I just can't believe he did It to us and It's just meant to be all normal now? Really, how the fuck can that be right? Is everyone that blind? I guess there Is no coming back from what happened. We move on and know that he was once a huge part of our lives and now we are left with a macho void. The glasses are off and the headband has been taken off. No more deep and raspy Oh Yeah's, no more  extravagant entrances In our boring lives no more macho in our lives. Today a little bit of macho has died In every man. May we start here now and try rebuild what has been tragically destroyed, for we can become men again and beat the shit out of the shitty piss rain and sky just like Macho Man Randy Savage Is doing right now. Look to the sky and hear It OHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!

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