Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Keep Sketch" - I'm doing a residency!!!!

I have the pleasure of announcing that the Crafts Council In Kilkenny have invited me to do a week long residency with them. They have offered me a very flipping awesome gallery space and allowed me to do with It what I like. I will have the pleasure of working beside world renowned artist and jeweler Bruce Metcalf who will be installing his own show In the gallery space beside me so I imagine some good craic will be had.
I have decided to put a name to my week long residency and the title I have given it is 'Keep Sketch'. I decided on this as the week I am there leads up to national drawing week. Thats one reason. The other Is that the work that both Bruce and myself will be producing will be In a very similar fashion all based on the idea of sketching, drawing and planning before design. Designers and artists have different systems of working and the most common seems to be, brainstorm, sketch, doodle, sketch some more, work from sketches and build and finally make the final piece all based on the previous drawings. So I want to mix this up and do It on a large scale for all to see. The last reason the show Is called Keep Sketch Is because I feel somewhat out of place In the Crafts Councils territory and feel like I'm a little impostor chancing my hand at craft when It's art that I think might be more me. So I will be skecthin but been pretty sketchy while I'm there, or so I think.
The big thing for me about this whole experience that Is about to happen Is It marks a change In my work that I have been waiting for. Craft Is a bigger part of my artistic life than anything really and I have neglected It for the past few years but now I am letting It control my thought process for a week and I am aiming at something big as a way of apologizing to it for been a heartless prick. The best thing about this residency Is that It all leads up to a big opening night In the gallery which they don't normally do so It will be a late my and I will take all responsibility I hope to show the newest of work and have a big textile surprise on the opening night. I will be doing workshops and having groups visit me throughout the week who will have a look at how lonely and stink artists really are In their own space. This Is going to be great. More details In the coming days! .

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