Thursday, June 23, 2011

'IT'S A TRAP' - Says the old Admiral.

I remember It well, been a pale ill little child thing sitting In front of a big old tele by the fire and watching Return Of the Jedi for the first time on VHS. My brother recalling how awesome It was on a cinema screen and because I was so wee that tele was pretty close so I hadn't a care In the world, apart from fearing that Lando Calrissian was a shit pilot and was gonna drive the Millennium Falcon into the side of the Death dinner would go cold on it;s plate, sitting there I was glued with anticipation to the screen. Fuck Luke and his Daddy issues I was freaking over that mother fuckin dog fight In space. That shit was insane, the pace alone gave me a freakin asthma attack. The shit really hit the  shit storm when that Fish Head guy turned In his chair n mumbled 'It's A Trap!'. Aw what the fuck? No way. Game Over! I was done. At this stage I had found refuge behind, under and over the couch and I am pretty damn sure I uttered my first 'cus' word right about then. Awww I would love to get that feeling again from watching anything and the buzz of cussin for the first time. Man I would wait all week for my Ma to head to town with the promise she would bring a video home, a video. The nail biting wait of having to rewind the thing back. Aw nothing like it! So In a sense this little doll here Is all about that one little evening lost In the forgetfulness of time and space. With every stitch I was able to think back and conjure up old memories. Peaceful and sad all at the same time that there will never be a time like that again and I may never have a step haircut either. 
As I said In an old post, this was a bit of a practice doll. Trying new stitches and techniques and working on styles and all that boring nonsense. I like him though, he looks sound, like we could go for a pint down in the local. His big teary eyes, overwhelmed by the victory of defeating the Empire. His funky apron type uniform which for some reason was a bit of a bitch to get right. His utility belt which I'm all about and hsi little Storm Trooper and Empire Officer figures In his hands, my old micro machine toys, and well just the whole silly childish toyness of him. Admiral Ackbar was always that background character I just digged, I dunno why and I felt compelled to make my own. 
  If anyone has any suggestions as to who I should make next please leave a comment below or send me a mail, the more nostalgic the better. I really REALLY wanna get started on a John Mclane one so encouragement Is well needed to get my ass In gear. 

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