Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I woke up this morning and jumped Into pants and a t-shirt like a Rebel suiting up to get his ass Into his X-Wing fighter to take on some Empire freaks. I was only busting down to the door because the skip guy was delivering a skip to the house but there was still a massive whack of rebelliousness off me. I am sure the skip delivery man thought I was some homeless guy squatting In that nice house. After quiet an exciting morning, you should have seen me make toast, fuckin hell that was hyper, but I was dying to get Into the studio and start making. I starting a piece yesterday but It failed me and I put It to rest by throwing It on the floor In a 'child in a toy shop' tantrum type way. So sitting In front of my BAD ASS sewing machine and listening to Tom Veks new album I had a little thinky on what I would make. Staring at The Beast (my sewing machine) It hit me. I am going to make me an Admiral Ackbar. He Is always there on my sewing machine trying to warn me of my mistakes so I shall honour him today.  One of my all time favourite characters In Return of The Jedi. When I was young, I watched It so much I ended up with the complex that he may be my Uncle. Man he Is so cool. Looking after everyone, and that scene was so intense. That was my morning, I was in that scene only with pants and a Skip delivery man. So I am gonna make an Admiral Ackbar today, the Morgan Freeman of the Rebel Alliance.

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