Monday, June 13, 2011


A few months back before I stepped back on the ol' sewing train I made my mate Red a birthday present. What more does Red love than her boyfriend Kev who Is also my best pal. So I made Red a Kev! Here he Is In all his macho pubey glory.
 Kev or as he Is known to me ' Le Ceech', will be packing his bags soon with Red and heading far far away which will be a hugemungous loss cause the world will swallow them up In a big warm hug and may never send them back. I may have to make another life size Kev doll to hang out with when they are gone. If your reading this and thinking 'hey I would LOVE a Kev doll' or even a doll of my best pal, a friend, enemy with pins included or lover, even ex-lover, just send me the word and I shall make for thee. Commissions make the world go round and make me not starve and die. I will also need to fill my time In the absence of my hero friends so don't let me sit here getting all nostalgic n shit. 

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