Thursday, June 09, 2011

One of the most interesting talks I have listened to In a very long time!!!!

"If you lose the ability to make something, you lose the ability to have something made for you. "

This was something Leonardo Bonanni said that really stood out to me. There was A LOT in his talk which to be honest might be a little difficult to get across In the way he did and I am not wearing a dashing suit like his so I won't do It justice. 
What I did get though was a serious connection. That 'yeahhhhh thats what I was thinking of the other day but stopped almost instantly as I thought It too heavy'. Where does everything come from? It comes from everywhere, thats where and what Leonardo Bonanni has done Is he has made a place online where you can track it and see, not only by name but because of our ever advancing technology you can zoom right down on the roof of the factory In China where the tips of your shoelaces were manufactured. It Is quiet incredible. What grabbed my attention was that quote I started with. This came about when he was talking about a trip he took to India and the one thing that grabbed his attention was the clothes of the people. You never think It but no one wears clothes like they do In India anywhere else. You can go to a seriously impoverished Third World  country and you can be sure someone will be wearing a Bart Simpson T-Shirt your Ma gave to a charity back In the 90s. But In India everyone makes everything from scratch. The Fabrics are made there, the colours, the cotton, the lace, everything. They are living, breathing crafts. It's truely amazing and they depend on no one else and look good too. I know there Is argument In what I say but don't shoot the messenger, In fact get off your high horse and just see the principal and innovation behind It and think how better we would be If instead of throwing out what we are bored of or whats not In style and we made our own. What a better place. Our carbon footprint Is galactic and we wonder why aliens haven't visited us yet, there are like ahhh when ya clean the place up and we can enjoy the view we will. My girlfriend and I have this old Ikeabed frame at home, It's a burden. In our back yard and all we want to do Is get rid of it. Sneaking around at night looking for a skip to toss It In. But one day Anne surprised me with this amazing evening picnic on our roof over our kitchen. It was so nice and I was thinking we need to use this roof more. I looked at this back wall beside the window on the roof and thought awwww wouldn't a bench right there be great. Straight away I thought, hey I know I'll cut up the bed frame and I can make my own bench which I will treasure forever because I never made a bench before. I think thats what we need to do, we need to all become my uncle Christy. He can make anything from anything. He once made two of the greatest dog houses I have ever seen out of two pallet crates. His carbon foot print Is the size of my puppys paw. I want to get on that. I am a maker so why can't I make more of my life about making.  This Is what I got from Leonardo Bonanni, I also got that I want to go MIT and create the best new thing from the oldest thing and make it for everyone. For anyone interested In seeing where every single part of the phone in your pocket comes from and the journey It takes before It gets to you and what carbon foot print It leads click HERE. I hope that It will make you keep those old shoes and become that shoe maker you were always meant to be and hack that computer to do what you want, It aint broken you don't need a new one you just need to stop and think about a solution of how to make It better. I am all fired up with ideas and that will feed my craft and make a tiny better world within my world so I hope the same happens with you. 

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