Monday, June 13, 2011

Petit Poubelle chillin In his new Gaff! Nice.

I always wonder where my work ends up after Its wrapped up and sent off. Where does It sit, who see's It everyday, Is It still loved or gone to the local charity shop. I would love to find some of my work In a charity shop how fuckin bad ass would that be? Well the gentleman 'Hoots sent me these pics of Petit Poubelle kicking back In his new home. He looks pretty happy and lapping up the love. I noticed In one of the pics too someone printed out my blog post, awwwww how cool Is that.  Really nice pictures too, thanks Mark. Delighted to hear Jenny was happy with her surprise and soon enough Petit Poubelle will have a new little best pal to hang out with. Best of luck guys x. 

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