Friday, June 03, 2011

Petit Poubelle - New Plush Creation for Jenny

After having an awesome time with The National Craft Gallery I was only delighted to get a plush commission instantly after my show. My mate Mark or as his mother calls him 'Hoots' asked me would I be able to make a plush sculpture or doll for his lovely girlfriend Jenny. The couple are beyond awesome and are about to have a little bambino together so I was delighted to make something for Mark to surprise Jen. I had 2 days and nights to get It done to meet the deadline of the B-Day so I got watching some badass documentaries as I worked through the night. Do you know that Miami has this Super Alpha Mega Prision and its crazy corrupt. Anyway It was a pleasure making such a personal gift for Jenny and Mark and today Is her B-Day so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!  I can't help but sound like Forest Gump when I say that. 
I asked Mark to compile a list of all the things that only he would know of what Jenny likes and I would somehow incorporate that Into the design of the character. From the epic list I got, Hoots reallys knows and loves his girlfriend I tells ya, I chose the things that stood out In my mind and that instantly sparked an image or idea In my head. 
After long nights of drawing and stitching Petit Poubelle was born. He Is made entirely of all the things Jenny likes, well that Hoots knows of anyway. Here are some pics of the creation and bits of info on him. Enjoy. 

Unsure how to make a pigs heads I sketched out a tiny one in fabric to test It, then I started making the big template. 
I decided to make a pig because Jenny loves pigs and wants too have them as pets one day. She insists to call them Notorious P.I.G and Poubelle which means dustbin In French. Awesome! 

 I failed On my big on first go but figured It out and moved on. I didn't make that orange or those flowers. 

Looking quiet piggy with his ears. Started adding plaster type strips to his face, reminded me of Edward Scissorhands In some way. I just liked the rag doll look of it.  

Sexy body on that! Yeah ya would.  

Deep Into the night his first arm was created and sewn on.  

 After a day and night and a few good documentaries I at last had company In the studio. He just said the funniest thing when I took this, you had to be there. It was about Dan and how he...nevermind ya had to be there.

The Cape. Poubelle would have his very own hand crafted owl cape. The reason for this Is Mark, Jennys boyfriend who commissioned this, his nickname Is 'Hoots'. 

Jenny loves Antlers so I gave Poubelle two little one on his head made from carpet inlay cause its tough and doesn't bend. He has become a Deer Pig which Is totally normal. Check out his bad ass threads! 

He insisted he make a paper hat which I wasn't so keen on but he done a good job. He thought me how to make them, pretty easy, I'm more of a paper plane man myself.

Another thing Mark told me Jenny loves Is old medical drawings. So i made a photocopy of an old heart diagram and stuck it to his chest. I sealed it In glue to give it this magnified look. And yes those are his nipples beside it, he has six, he is a pig after all, maybe half lady pig...sorry Deer Pig. 

The Owlish Hoots Mask made from card, felt and plenty of tantrums and freak outs with a pinch of no patience.  

His utility belt.  I love utility belts and they will be reoccurring a lot In my work. Everyone needs one. Here we have a tooth pocket for Jenny and Marks new babies first tooth. 3 pegs to symbolise them as a family holding each other up. Pencil - the one I use to draw the design sketches of Poubelle and right above the belt his all important belly button. Outtie  of course, not one of those ugly belly holes everyone else has. 

All made and chilling In the Dublin sun. Little features were added, a cherries tattoo on his arm as Jenny loves cherries. 

Mask Off.  
Jenny was really close to her Gran who passed away last year so had to add her to his heart.


Hoots mask and cape. Poubelle Is a pretty shy little Deer Pig so he dresses up as an Owl so everyone thinks he Is way stronger and smarter. Poor little Poubelle doesn't know that instead he Is scaring everyone away from him. Oh Poubelle will you ever learn? 

Confident and all alone.  

Not really all alone as he has his pet Seahorse; ' Padro'. The last thing you wanna do Is to get into a pub brawl with this dude he will fuck you up for real. Look at those eyes, serious alcoholic.  

Other little features that I didn't photograph are things like his Crumpet Pocket on his utility belt. He has a smiling budda souvenir from his travels on his belt too. He had ribbons on his arm each are favourite colours of Jenny. He has a plaster on his knee from acting the maggot and a criminal conviction which I am not at liberty to go into right now. 

Thats me name! 

If anyone Is interested In having a plush doll made for themselves or someone do get In touch and let me know. You can reach me here at 

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Just magical. Especially the bad ass seahorse.