Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A word of advice to any games companies who hire freelance artists to do work for them. DO NOT GIVE THE ARTISTS YOUR GAMES AS A FORM OF INSPIRATION. When Pop Cap Games came to me and asked If I would get Involved In making two art pieces I was only delighted. Even more so when I visited their office to find that It was like a childhood dream, they actually work In what can only be described as Tom Hanks Bed room In the film 'Big' when he moves to the big city. The only thing they were missing was some awesome bunk beds bed It was pretty damn close. Respect to the whole team at Pop Cap for getting anything done at all, they gave me two of their games, the two I would end up making two art pieces based around. Peggle and Plants Vs. Zombies. What s silly thing to do, I mean I had never played either game before. I am not too into new games, I haven't moved past my Sega Megadrive to be honest and I am damn happy with that so this was like injecting graphics crack into my eye holes! Flip they are some good games and wildly addictive. 
I was working up till the deadline just because I couldn't stop playing the game and convincing myself that It was all very important research for the creation of both art pieces. My hole!!! Feckin loved killing zombies till all hours of the morning whilst listening to some Jarvis Cocker on the Sunday Service. 
So after my weeks of chronic procrastination I eventually finished two art pieces for Pop Cap. I made a large 3D illustration box based on the game Plants Vs. Zombies and I made a smaller layered illustration In a box based on the funky game Peggle. One thing I noticed about both games Is they both have the coolest sound effects that stay in your head for months and prevent sleep. 
I wasn't told too much when I was making the work but now I know! So they are all going up on this epic Online Ebay Auction.   There are artists from all over the shop but I think I am the only Irish artist to have work In the Auction. Hurrah! There Is alot to the auction but yopu can read more about it here in this press release - HERE. There Is also another one HERE with a bit of a dodgey photo. 

So the auction goes global today and all the proceeds go to charity, and I mean ALL of it! How great Is that. They said it themselves 

"As a truly global company, PopCap will donate 100 per cent of all proceeds from the auctions to SpecialEffect in the United Kingdom and the Starlight Children’s Foundation in the United States, two nonprofits dedicated to helping seriously ill and disabled children and young people."

So check out the Ebay page and bid for what work ya might fancy. There are original art pieces like the ones I made and then some original character design sketches and memorabilia that normally you can't buy anywhere. So worth a look see and do bid as It is for a great cause. These pieces - and other original pieces from PopCap’s Seattle Studio – will go on display at the Filmbase Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin from today along with the two pieces I made so pop In and have a look. .

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