Friday, June 10, 2011

Ross Kept Sketch for me.

On the opening night of my residency show, 'Keep Sketch', an old friend and true gentleman came by with his gigantic camera and took some lovely photos. This man was Ross' Lightening Sabre' Costigan. I asked Ross to stop being so damn busy and come shoot my show and get some nice pics of it so I would have a really sharp nice record of it as It was gonna be taken down so soon. After an 18 hour arm wrestle, a pirate fancy dress party and a hug he finally agreed to tell all his other clients he was dead and couldn't make It to their shoots. Fair sound! 
Ross Is a great old mate and has set up his new studio In Kilkenny which was only a matter of time and just the beginning for this man. I know a lot of photographers and each of them work their asses off, they never seem to chill n have a freeze pop but Ross Is like Bruce Willis with a camera running on glass, working  all the time and killing German terrorists along the way.. One thing I have noticed over the years as Ross has done more and more Is he Is the most honest If sometimes too honest about his work. In dept down to the screws that were In the camera he will show tell all about how he got a certain shot or how a shoot Is working out. To me I saw a crazy person giving a way too much and telling us too much but then I ain't In the same game. To a young up and coming photographer Ross Is the instruction that they want to hear, If only my peers were as open.  It's ballsy to let so much out, It's madness I tells ya but It's straight up honest and Is only a testament to Ross's explorative, warm and welcoming character. Chin Chin ya sexy ledge box. Hurrah! 
The following link Is to a collection of photopicturegraphs thats Ross 2 Cos took at Keep Sketch. Really happy with how they turned out and thanks for the DVD that came In the post this morning. Now that's man who knows how to charm an artist. You would be silly not to hire this man.  THIS IS THE LINK. Check out the work of Ross Costigan Photography HERE get In touch to work with him as soon as. 

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