Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peggle Artwork looking for your bid!

The inspiration for this Peggle Bjorn archive from Dublin-based artist Mick Minogue, came from the unhealthy amount of mystery and conspiracy documentaries he has been watching recently while working late in his studio. Peggle reminds him of the Las Vegas of games that you can easily get addicted to and loose hours of your life to without you knowing it or remembering what happened kind of like an Alien abduction. With that in mind, he showed the side of Peggle when all the lights are gone out. He imagined PopCap as being a government of games and that they have all their characters locked away in secret Archives. This Is Bjorn, centuries old and holding the last orange peg in his mouth. He made it in the illustrative style he works in a lot, layering his illustration giving it dept in a childish popup book way. Dimensions – 9" H x 5" W x 3.5" D.

Dublin-based artist Mick Minogue likes making art. When Mick was a child he liked art so much he drew all over the walls of his house and when he was grounded for doing so he drew all over his bedroom wall as a way of saying sorry to his mum. This behaviour continued throughout his life, in school he would answer exam questions with drawings which proved very unpopular with his grades. The same would happen in college but thankfully Mick went to Art College where he studied to become an art teacher. The vicious circle started all over again so today Mick has a successful and happy life living and working as a freelance artist.

To see the online bidding and to make your bid on this one of a kind Pop Cap artwork please click HERE!!!

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