Wednesday, September 14, 2011



  • Who's up for drinking Vodka and watching artists playing drawing games with each other? 
  • What?
  • Why not? 
  • Your busy?
  •  Really? 
  • Your on the dole.
  • So? 
  • So you stay In all day and make shit and drink by night this Is perfect for you. 
  • Your broke? 
  • But you collected your dole today, its collect your dole day. 
  • You only have half left? Already? 
  • Oh you borrowed someone else's dole n owe them some second hand dole. 
  • So you coming to this?, Its pretty cool, your all about pretty and cool right? 
  • WHAT? You can't make it? 
  • You have to wash your actually used that excuse with a sincere voice of reason. 
  • It's on for like 10 nights...I'm sure you could make a few If not one at least? 
  • You have a lot of hair! 
  • Whats It all about? 
  • 3 artists on the night make exquisite corpses on big Toblerone bars In front of   people having a laugh and enjoying delish drinks. 
  • Yeah Exquisite Corpse. Remember we played It In school, you fold a sheet of paper in 3 and someone draws the head, someone else then draws the torso n legs and you open it all out to reveal how mad looking it is and how your mate is clearly better at art than you....remember? 
  • Is there free Toblerones? 
  • No! Why? 
  • No the wooden structures the artists are drawing on kinda look like Toblerones. 
  • What the fuck I said there are no Toblerones. 
  • So now your definitely NOT going? 
  • Really? 
  • What's the name of the event? 
  • Absolut Creative Edge. 
  • Yeah as In the Vodka. 
  • See ya there so? 
  • Yeah It's on tonight, tomorrow nigh......hello...hello....???
  • BeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeep........

For anyone else interested In coming along to see myself and a whole bunch of sound sexy legend artists make some fun artwork live on the spot whilst holding a cold vodka click HERE for more info.  

If you would like a visual aid to help convince your wayward mind of what a good night is all about click on this HERE LINK!

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