Monday, September 26, 2011

Absolut Creative Edge

Over the past 10 days there has been loads going on with Absolut and artists all around Dublin. The Small Print rounded up a pose of illustrators and creatives from all over the place and put them into groups of 3. Each group would hit a Dublin bar or club over 10 nights and have a draw whilst sipping on some vodka. The Siamese minds of abgc came on board to create the amazing crazy cadaver structures that the artists were gonna operate on each night. It was great fun and I'm hugely grateful to have been involved thanks to Rich and Bren and all Involved. Unfortunately I could only commit to doing One Creative Edge night as I am also involved with Chris Judge, Mark Wickham and Mr Steve Mccarthy In another Absolut project that will be running from now over the next few months so If you see really brilliant bad portraits of people In a bar or club that Absolut are running a night In we will most likely be In the corner making beautiful people look terrible. 
Here are a few pics from the night I was drawing In Sweeney's with James Kirwan and Ale Mercado. Really great night and hope to have more again! The link to more pic Is THIS HERE LINK!  Albert Hooi has a vid of the night on the way which I will post up as soon as. 

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