Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the AMAZING Toni Martin

About a month or so ago I came across this amazing pixel artist as I was procrastinating online. His name Is Toni Martin. I never met Toni or had any idea who he was and It wasn't until I was emailing him I realised he lives and works In Barcelona. I was In awe of his work as I love pixel art and anything that resembles 8 bit graphics from back In the day. It just holds such and incredible amount of personality. So I mailed Toni and asked would he be interested In taking on a commission. To make something, anything really, for my girlfriends birthday. He was so into it and just a down right legend of a guy. Happy to take it on I sent him some pics of Anne and told him she absolutely loves Fantastic Mr Fox. Toni hadn't even seen the movie so he watched and created the most amazing little Gif which you can see above. ( click on it to watch them dance)  He captured one of Annes favourite scenes In the movie so well. Not only did Toni send this he also included a Happy Birthday version and this brilliant static image which he Included me In which Is now framed and on our wall. WHAT A LEGEND!!!

I will be posting up more of Toni's work In the future and over the past few weeks we have been working  on some up and coming projects so stay tuned. I have no idea what the Toni looks like but since I have gotten to know him I am starting to think that he may actually be made out of pixels. This is his passport photo. Click him to see more of his work.

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