Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All work and LOADS of play!

So after 3 weeks of late nights In the studio and working into the late hours with the abgc boys the time has come to reward ourselves with some fun times. So If your about tomorrow night ( yes Thursday not Wednesday as I mixed up terribly yesterday - sorry aisling -) come and party with us and see what we got up to with our intense make & do time. The collaborated piece I did with abgc and my own piece will be on display for the opening of the For The Love Of Progress show TOMORROW night at Gallery Number 1. Its located across from Christchurch just around the corner from the top of Dame St. 
Opens at 7 and there will be tunes from the excellent Bantum and loads of craic to be had. So come along and we'll grab a pint after and sit by the fire n wind down. 

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