Thursday, November 24, 2011


When Gearoid and Andrew the two human ingredients that make up the architectural design super group abgc asked me to collaborate with them on a piece for the For The Love Of Progress show I thought of a few things In bullet point formation.
  • I was experiencing the same feeling that nerdy guy felt when he was told he was gonna be running around with Bruce Willis In Die Hard 4.
  • They were taken by my post pubescent beard and agreed that It was about a level D. A little above cabinet maker and just below Lumberjack. A safe bet to work with using spinning saw blades. 
  • They were drunk?
  • They had seen my recent work and realised that being a bit shit was "The Shit". 
  • Hunger. They asked just right before lunch. 
  • Annoyance. They called just as the sandwich was about to enter my mouth. 
  • Relieved. That they hadn't called the wrong number.
  • Yes. 

Gearoid or as he is known In the art world 'gc' which stands for Gusto Caterer had a pre meditated idea which he wanted to lay on the table. A wormery. I looked at Andrew or as he Is known In the alphabetical clubs around Europe 'ab' which stands for Abandoned Brassiere. I looked at him looking for that look that your mother gives you at the gate on your first day at school, " It's alright love, go on ill be here when you  get out." I was about to step into the mind of a guy who just called me fella. This man just gave me coffee and had the idea flat packed and ready to go, I was In the company of a human IKEA. 
A wormery. Something that both gentlemen were keen supporters of and were keen to investigate the design and functionality of. I was too,  It wasn't like I was In it just too see loads of worms and draw all over something skillfully made by two well respected architects.......I swear...honestly. 
The process was broken up over 3 weeks and what craic was had over these days. Being allowed work In a big workshop without being accompanied by an adult was one of my highlights as well as being shown boobs on the 3rd page of a newspaper whilst eating a sandwich. Good times. 
Each day was experimental and all about finding solutions to our little design problems. Taking a working design that has no flaws, breaking it and putting it back together in the shape of a mahogany cat beaver. 

Looking at the finished piece you can see abgc's ultra fine craftsmanship. The neat dove tailing of joints and the flush fit of each stack. Don't be unhinged by the head resting on the shoulders of this skilled work, they did not head to Fallons for a few then return to the job, for this ridiculously intricate tree house style artistry Is the work of yours truly. The worms would have felt like they were In the Ritz as they worked their way up and then all of a sudden someone evicted them and threw them into Jurys Hotel, the abondoned one In Waterford. 

Our intention was to produce a wormey as this was all about Progress and fitted with the theme of the show. We intended on making 3 but time was being a selfish bastard keeping all the hours to itself so we made just the one but the others are on the way. The Cat Beaver Wormery which Is on show here was made for children. To put a bit of fun into recycling. It could be In a school, creche, small back yard In Dublin 7 or an art gallery. Customized and made to fit. If you or anyone you know Is interested In seeing The Cat Beaver just visit Gallery Number 1 across from Christ Church In Dublin. It will be there till Christmas. If you or anyone you know would be interested In having a custom built wormery don't hesitate to contact the abgc lads or myself. Think of all that waste after Christmas dinner, thats a Cat Beavers favourite meal. Don't let the Cat Beavers go hungry this Christmas. 

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