Thursday, December 08, 2011

Edward Crane's The Havishams - The Hive of Nightmares IN SHOPS NOW

If your looking for a book this Christmas look no further than Edward Crane's The Havisham's -The Hive of Nightmares. This is the debut novel & first installment of a trilogy from author Edward Crane. But who is Edward Crane? For ages I thought Edward Crane was my mate Murt but I was talking to Murt last week and I asked him but he said he unless the main character In the book was Jason Statham that he couldn't possibly have written it. So the mystery deepens. When reading The Havisham's for the first time It's instantly evident that this Is going to be a very important book. I couldn't help but think on every turn of the page that I couldn't wait to see this on the big screen. This breeds a new genre of writing that out spells any wizard and the intense character developments will bite back any vampire. The story alone Is set In an almost steam punk reality and has all the trimmings for a modern novel. The mix of hauntingly old and new Is done delicately well and the characters like the main character Robbie are engaging and keep the reader guessing till the very end. Thank flip It's a trilogy because Its the kind of novel that you just want more of. It holds the darkness of the classic Batman animated series, with that styled crisp edge and then also has the humour and action of The Real Ghostbusters which have to be inspirations of the author. Mix this with the creepy lamp lit eeriness of a Dixens novel and your on your way to what will surely be one of the most talked about books of 2012. 
This is exactly what you need at the fire this Christmas for sure. If you wanna grab a copy online you can find It on Amazon right HERE. The Havisham's - The Hive Of Nightmares Is also available from the folowing bookstores In both Dublin and Kilkenny -

Alan Hannah's Rathmines, Dublin.
The Winding Stair, Ormond Quay, Dublin.
Dubray Books, Rathmines, Dublin.
The Book Centre, Waterford.
Dubray Books, Market Cross, Klkenny.
Easons, Mcdonagh Junction, Kilkenny.
The Book Centre, Kilkenny.
Stone House Books, Kieran Street, Kilkenny.
Khans Book Shop, Kilkenny.

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