Monday, January 09, 2012

Hawpy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! Wow can't believe It's the last year of the existence of Earth already. It's gonna be a pretty bad ass year. I think John Cusack should run for president this year since he saves the day when It all goes to shit In December right?  
Today Is my first day back In the studio after a lovely break over the Christmas. With an already jam packed list of things to make a do there will be loads of things to see, all a big waste of time since were all doomed in 11 and a bit months anyway. But over the next few months there will be a new website up, cool new big jobs and shows happening and loads of brand new work up. So keep posted! 
For now I give you two sketches of my good friend Dan now living In Canada and painting badassness like no other. So start your year a fresh and check out his work HERE.

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