Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting for Designgoat

I spent a lovely Saturday In an awesome warehouse off the docks with some fine artists listening to some fine tunes and having a fine paint. Invited by the the design worlds most celebrated mustache wearing duo Designgoat to come down and paint a board with fellow artists Fatti Burke, Shane Kenna,  James Kirwan & Peter O'Gara. Designgoat who are made up of half man and half goat transformed a once Batman gangster type warehouse Into an fresh new working space for internet companies. I was hugely impressed by the work In progress, Its clear that ideas are recipes to this creative and immaginative team of two. They use solid materials like wood, steel and even more wood like baker dough and turn empty spaces into delish lookin cakes!  Just to clarify they are not bakers and don't do cakes but they do create and I cant wait until they get their hands on the rest of Dublin. 
For more on what these two modern gentlemen can do with their time and yours click HERE and say goat 5 times in the mirror to receive a free commission. 

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