Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Al Hooi 'Viper' Pro Wheel

I was honoured to be asked by the legend and good mate of mine Mr Albert Hooi to design his new signature skate wheel.  I remember back In the day watching this dude named Al Hooi from Ireland destroy the skate scene and I thought to myself "Awww I wish I could skate like that guy, have long hair and wear really baggy bright red pants. " Who knew that years later that we'd own sibling dogs and live around the corner from each other doing projects together and slapping 5 like e v e r y d a y. I can'y wait to hold a pack of the wheels In my hands and be over powered with regret that I gave up skating oh so long ago. The wheel design Is based on the Ouroboros  which represent the perpetual cyclic renewal of life. An infinite cycle of life, death and rebirth leading to immortality.   In the skating community rumour has it that Al Is Immortal, some even say that he was Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat before he got Into skating...I think Its true cause he never puts his beer in the fridge and they are always ice cold.
The BHC Al Hooi ' Viper ' Pro Wheel Is now out and can be yours just click HERE.


Nathan H said...

Really nice graphics on these wheels. Great work boss. They have that old school feel to them which is refreshing, and love the fact they have graphics on both sides! I got my set, but no way will I ever ride them. Gotta keep them fresh.

Mick Minogue said...

Sound as a pound lad! Much respect. They need to be skated dude roll them out for a special occasion like going to Mass or some shit, grind the shit out of the alter.