Thursday, February 02, 2012

Duct Tape Robocop Wallet

I made myself a new wallet last night. I wanted a wallet that would deter any criminals from stealing the cobwebs &  empty space from within it.  I thought well what better than a Robocop wallet. Its like giving your money or insufficient funds 24 hour cyber police security. 
Why buy a crap expensive wallet made from the butchered arse skin of a cow when you can get one right here made from fresh studio duct.
All the wallets are hand made and illustrated based on your favourite nostalgic cartoons, movies or TV shows. Or If you have any special requests just ask. They are all personalised and best of all they are cheap so even the most highest earning job seeker can afford one. Having one of these will bully that Topman wallet right out of your pocket and throw coins at it while its trying to climb into the nearest bin. 
Each Wallet is cased In a homemade box and posted to your door with a few days of ordering. Who doesn't love post Its like getting something from the back of the cereal packet all over again. 
If anyone Is Interested In ordering a custom made wallet just drop me an email to 
Think of it as art slapping you on the ass all day long. 

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