Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We need to talk about Mo.

I think Its time we talk about Mo. He has left home now and moved In with his new family so I think It's only right If you know where Mo came from who Mo really Is. Mo Is part of a family of buddies, a family of sworn protectors of memories. He Is a certified catcher of tears, trained In the art of comedy and cheering up & sense the presence of deer from up to 5 miles away.
To answer my nephews conundrum, "whats he suppose ta be anyway?" I will tell you the story of how Mo came into my life only to completely use me, steal the contents of my fridge, befriend my dog and completely break his heart and then run away one morning leaving a note chalked onto the blackboard saying "Gon to find Olive - You needs milk." This Is the Story of Mo.
I was commissioned last year by a truely amazing champion named Mary Jane to make her a plush doll for her girlfriend Olive. This was a hugely personal doll and over time would go through a Goldilocks period where It would be stopped & changed as It was never 'just right'. This plush creation would be the second In a family of personalised buddies that are made as heirlooms, given to loved ones as memory keepers and lonely protectors. The first In the family, Petit Poubelle was made for my friends Hoots and Jenny and their new little He-Man Milo. 
The doll would be made based on the loves of the person, their favourite animals, colours, personal memories, little quirks, only the things that couples may know of each other but this one was different. 
I had spent night after night In the studio cutting out templates and untangling the thread from my fatally sick sewing machine. ( RIP the Beast ) That plush buddy for Olive just wasn't there, each design seemed stiff and lifeless so I decided to give up and make something else so I would come back with a fresh outlook. I ended up making 18 different things over the space of 3 & half months and beat my procrastination record hands down. This doll would sit half made for weeks looking at me In disappointment pegged to the washing line in my studio. Then the package came. 
In this package was a beautiful letter from Mary telling me all about Olive, how they met, all their loves and about the things they cherish. Attached to the letter was a piece of Olives baby blanket and some bad ass candy for me! I was more than inspired and filled with candy. I instantly revved the shit out of the Beast ( sewing machine ) and the rest for you all to see.

The lovely hand writen letter from Mary about her lady love. 
The work station 
 Armadillo scaled skin - Negative comment resistant and tastes like Dime bars.
Mo takes shape. Inspired by his brother Petit Poubelle
Before Mo Is stitched up I always pop a personal item inside to act as a soul for the doll. Mary and Olive LOVE penguins - something I didn't have so this Puffin has been paid to act as a pengin for the remainder of his life buried inside Mo's bum! 

Mo Is a bit of a mutt. He has piglet, armadillo and fawn genes. 
He loves hide & seek always practicing his counting and perfecting his 'Ready or Not' call. 
Bullied In school for having Fawn legs - Now voted the sexiest feature on any plush doll so says Vogue Magazine. Go figure! Stupid non stylish bullies. 
Mo wears the best In second hand Hoofs. They are like Vans only more natural. 
Elbow patches birth mark. Had them since birth the poor wee lad. 

So he Is never lost and unknown 
Like all better buddies Mo wears his utility belt at all time. On it are 2 pegs one for his two owners Mary & Olive.

Also on his utility belt - Mo's secret pouch - contents only known by his owners.
Mo's Armadillo scales run down his back to protect him from anyone talking bout him behind his back. Also perfect for giving scratchy backs when lying beside him. 
Mo's outie belly button. Push it and make a wish.

Mary stated In her letter that the Ring of Kerry has so much meaning for both Olive & her. Lucky that Mo has this little piece of the Ring of Kerry in the shape of a ring to always remind them. 
 Mo was christened Mo when he realised he was gonna live with Mary & Olive he could only pronounce their two initials together. MO! MO! 
Mo has a little Jean Michel Basquiat Crown chest pocket where he keeps his heart. 
Mo's heart Is made from a piece of Olives baby blanket. 
Mo's favourite artist Is Gaetan Billault because he draws wolves and foxes and most of Mo's woodland friends. He wears Gaetan's plush badge with pride. 
Mo before he 'Bears' up! 
 For adventures Mo likes to strap on his Bear Claws. GROWL! 
Pully strings to pull up his big bear gloves.
For the toughest and coldest adventures, Mo wears his trusty Bear Balaclava. Strikes fear into his ememies and cuddles into his friends.
Mo looking straight up GRIZZLAY!!! Gonna hunt him some HONEY! 

Chillin after a pretty bad ass Honey Hunt! 

So Mo stayed around for a while and hung out In mine. We watched some Morgan Freeman movies and made toast. But the day came when Olive was moving up a yearly level in the game of age so Mo had to gather his things and hit the road. He was parceled up and hand delivered. 
 Hand made tags

Handwrapped and on his way to his new home. 

Safe and Sound with his new master Olive. Awwww! 

The End....for now. 

If you would like a Plush Buddy made for you or for someone else In your life please send me a mail to 


Maeve Keane said...

I saw this wonderful creature on the girls' facebooks and fell in love. What an amazing creation.

Mick Minogue said...

Thanks Maeve thats very cool of you. Glad ya like him.