Thursday, March 01, 2012

Some homemade personally Illustrated Duct Tape Wallets

Here Is the first batch of Duct Tape wallets I have been making for folk. They are made from 100% fresh duct tape crafted with the most skillful of scissor moves and with no adult present.  If you would like a fresh Duct tape wallet personally made and illustrated for you please get In touch they are as cheap as chips, well as cheap as maybe 6 or 7 bags of chips. All I ask Is for your favourite cartoon or old movie and I shall make one up, wrap it tight and send it to your door. 

 Ross's ED-209 wallet

 My Robocop wallet
 Dar's Judge Dredd Wallet
 Carols Alien ( Spaceballs) wallet

Chris's Danger Mouse Wallet

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