Sunday, May 13, 2012

May I pick your brain??

I never really know exactly how many people read the posts I put up here on my ol blog but to those of you that do I wonder how you would feel if I had a little online auction here on the blog ? I have had a few before on Facebook & the like & the response has been great but a thats a whole different kettle of social media so I dunno how It would work here. I was thinking of having one just for the readers and followers of the blog. I am making a new piece at the moment based on one of my favourite childhood cartoons MASK, a piece I really really like, ill explain more when Its up. I was thinking of putting the piece up for auction here,  allowing you to bid In the comment box below the post and having It open to those following the blog. The thing Is Its only something I'd be keen to do If I was sure there was enough people interested In It. If you might be one of those people or you know anyone that would be let me know by dropping me a comment below. Depending on how many there is I may just do It and see how It goes. Anyway It's just a thought, let me know If its a good one. 


markymarkmck said...

Definitely Interested.
Mark McK

Mike Charlton said...

Sounds good to me, I'd be interested.

Mick Minogue said...

Thanks Mark n Mike, well once the piece goes up Ill see how It the reaction Is. Thanks for the support!