Monday, August 06, 2012

100% UTAH - Crazy 4 Cult NYC

"Aghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", yelled Agent Utah as his masked compadre climbed the fence and ran away. Ever wanted to no how It felt to be Johnny Utah on that faithful day? Well now you can with your very own Point Break Automata. This will be part of my favourite annual art show Crazy 4 Cult but this one Is gonna be really special. I am radically excited and thrilled to be apart of Gallery 1988 history In the making. Crazy 4 Cult Is moving to  New York for the first and will have work from over 200 radical art dudes on the walls. . The show which Is their biggest of the year pays artistic tribute to a stunning array of popcorn munching movie classics. All your favourites are gonna be there and from the amazing success of  last years show this Is gonna be more intense than the 50 Year Storm! There was so many amazing movies to chose from but when I saw Point Break on the list I knew I had to grab it. One of my all time favourite movies that seems to get better with time. I remember taking It so seriously as a kid, and that epic chase scene was etched into my head forever. Coincidentally Point Break has come back strong  here In the past few weeks. I made President Reagan masks for a special screening of It In the Lighthouse Cinema a few weeks ago and check out the Awwwmazing  Love System from great Irish band Le Galaxie. 
I loved making this piece, my first wall mounted working automata. I think what I like best about It is how contrasting this piece of folk art Is to the adrenaline filled Point Break. Every time I turned the handle It made me laugh. 
My super mate Albert Hooi called over to my place at 8am the morning the courier was coming to take the piece to NYC. Al made this really great little short of the piece In action for me. I loved how he captured the last minute rush before the courier arrived. Its a nice souvenir to have as I never had time to take the piece In, I made it and sent It away In an instant. 
To see a sneak peek of some of the great work that will be In the show check out this great little write up from 
The show opens this Thursday the 9th of August. It will run right up to the 1st of September. The address Is below. Sadly I won't make it to the show as I had hoped so If your reading this and are lucky to be there please get In touch and let me know how It goes or even send a pic. I already feel like a parent who left their newborn at the convent door, I hadn't spent 10 minutes with this piece after I gave birth to It so seeing folk turn that handle would be incredible. 
Crazy 4 Cult NY will open in August 9th, with an opening reception from 6-9 PM, at 64 Gansevoort St. in the Meat Packing District.

Little hand says Its time to rock, enjoy the show. 

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Mick Minogue - 100% UTAH 2 from Albert Hooi on Vimeo.

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