Saturday, September 22, 2012

ENGAGE with TANK COLLECTIVE, Eircom & Lionel Richie

Engage is a project from TANK collective In association with Eircom. A public art installation involving phone boxes around Dublin City. The aim Is to remind people of the once popular communication stations dotted around our urban landscapes. Hoping to engage people with public phones again 6 artists and designers were invited to create their own installations In selected boxes around the city. These would be interactive and welcoming and hope to inspire, amuse and connect people with te city and its culture. 
This Is a project I am mad excited about  and delighted to be apart of. My largest diorama to date and without a doubt one that holds the record for fastest made. Cut, painted and installed In less than 24hrs and all for one man, Mr Lionel Richie. I wanted to engage people with phones the way they used to be used. Calling up blind girls you really fancied to ask them were they looking for you?
One of my all time favourite songs and videos which takes me right back to the late great 80s childhood I had. I hoped that this piece would bring folk back to that time and remind them how we used to use phones back In the day before the internet or Iphones n that. Them's be some good times. 
Lionel Is looking for you on Georges St right now and will be there running into October. By Monday when you pick up the receiver Lionel will sing to you and set the scene. You'll be transported to that heart filled time when Lionel, a teacher at a college longed for his sight impaired student Laura. 
There's loads more to come on this piece but for now, pop down and check out all the 6 installations around the city. 

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