Tuesday, October 09, 2012

DisENAGE! Thanks to everyone who joined In.

The Engage Project has come to an end and what an amazing project It was. It did exactly waht It said on the tin and really engaged with the public around the city. Overall I think that It shed a new light on the lost communication hubs that only a few years ago we still used a lot more and appreciated. Everyone has a phone box story good and bad but they are something that has always been slowly creeping out of our view and disappearing into the background so being apart of this project and welcoming people back in was just great. A huge thanks to all the crew of Tank Collective and everyone involved with Eircom and Work Class Heros who got involved. I hope that this comes back and gets bigger. The city needs this and so do the people, make more, create and make people happy as we do. 

They installations are on their way down now and I have a personal request for anyone reading this. Over the time my Lionel Richie Hello installation was up loads of people had their picture taken In the box. When I was chatting to friends one evening outside about 6-8 couples had their pictures taken In about 5min so I'm guessing overall there has to be a huge amount of photos out there. I WANT THEMS PHOTOS!!!!!! So this is a call out to anyone who may have taken a picture In the box or If you know anyone who has - If I can get all these photos of everyone you will be involved In a BIG thing so please ask around or spread the word.  Email them to 3buttons@gmail.com or you can post them here on FACEBOOK.  All of the pics will be sent on to Mr Richie so if your one of them send them over. Thanks for all your support. 


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