Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sarah Strikes Back

Way back In the cold damp summer months a girl by the name of Una Mullally got In touch with me asking me If I'd be up for doing a Pop Life interview which she does In the Irish Times. Sure I'm all about the auld pop culture so I was only happy to. I had already been a fan of Una's following her writing trail  on paper and online but over the past 2 weeks I have become a like a Megazord of a fan, like all the things that were already awesome about Una just joined together and became a way bigger robot. Its got to do with tattoos, Basquiat, films, music, Iceland and her idea of a cool commission. 
Una hit me up a few weeks back asking would I make her a get well soon action figure for her missus Sarah. Sarah Is pretty big into her running and rumour has It she can outrun Tom Cruise with her hands In her pockets. Maybe that's how she hurt her leg? Damn you Cruise, damn you! So Sarah messed up her leg pretty bad and has to wear that boot thingy when for when you hurt your leg, like 5 up from a veruca sock. I found out that Sarah was a Star Wars fan, loved Keith Haring, and was an all round champ. I thought she needed more than just a regular action figure so I made her her very own Bacta Tank just like Luke Skywalker gets In Empire Strikes Back after the Wampa attacks him & he sleeps In a Taunton with Han Solo. ( I wonder If Han Solo ever told Luke about that? ) 
Couldn't have enjoyed making this any more. My kind of commission that let the nerd burst out of me.  Sarah loves peanut butter so I made the tank from an old peanut butter jar and the rest from what was at hand In the studio. There's a switch on the bottom to make the whole thing light up with 3 different settings so makes a funky night light. Hope to make more pieces like this for more amazing folk like Una & Sarah. News just In that Sarah's robot boot thingy came off today so looks like the tank and droid done good. 

Sarah & her Bacta Tank + Medical Droid

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