Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Battle of the Beards - A Movember Tournament of an Illustrative kind

I've been compiling a list of all my mates who have exceptional beards and moustaches trying to determine who has the greatest of all.  Each friend has been categorized by the size or coverage of their facial hair - Beards = Heavyweights, Mou
staches =Lightweights. The chosen contenders are those  dudes who's facial hair characterises their faces, you could describe them by beard or tache alone. 
I have stated an illustration tournament to declare the winner voted by all of you. I will illustrate a manly battle between two chosen mates and give Top Trump style scores to their beard facts. You simple vote who you think will win by putting their name in the comment box below and give your own imaginative suggestion to how they will win. . There will be secret prizes and wild card entries so please share, like and pass this on to get everyone involved and spread the word for Movember this month.
The Battle of The Beards will be taking place later today with the battle pic going up at noon! Click HERE and join In the fun. There will be a new battle posted up every few days through out the month and at  the end will be the grand final. 
Make sure to follow It all HERE on Facebook or get updates and secret awesome sandwich recipes here on TWITTER. Here's a sneak peek whos battling first.

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