Saturday, November 03, 2012

Pass It On Movember Exhibition

Here's my new print for the the 2nd annual Movember Poster Exhibition ' Pass It On' which opens nexts Thursday the 8th of November at the Fumbally Cafe In Dublin. My studio Is so clean for once, no saw dust or tools anywhere In sight. Has been a long time since I've sat down and just made a drawing for print, felt pretty refreshing too. The print is titled "The Forgoten Wingman" depicting the most underrated moustached hero of the 80s, Top Guns - Goose. I think this was the first man In a movie to make me cry, I've never looked at ejector handles the same since.
This print as well as loads more from some of our finest creatives will be for sale on the night for only €10 and all proceeds go to the amazing Mo charity. So make sure to get down early, join us for a drink and tache twiddle.

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