Monday, December 03, 2012

Judd Apple Toes Cereal - Judd Apatow Tribute Show

Really late posting this but here Is my latest piece for Gallery 1988's Judd Apatow Tribute Show which Is taking place tomorrow night Tuesday Dec 4th on Melrose Ave. The show Is to celebrate Apatow's work over the years from his days at the wheel of Freaks & Geeks and The Cable Guy to classics such as Superbad, Knocked up and 40 Year Old Virgin. What makes this show even more special Is that the star of the show will be hosting the opening night. So to be apart of this show Is pretty amazing. 
So to celebrate the man who made me choke on my popcorn in the cinema with his comic genius I decided to make his very own cereal. I discovered the nickname Judd Apple Toe floating around online and thought that In itself was pretty lame ass funny so I made it into a spoof cereal. In every packet of cereal there Is a free Freaks and Geeks handmade figure. But theres a catch. 
I have made 10 limited edition boxes of cereal which act as limited edition box prints. I made a figure of each of the main characters from Freaks and Geeks and one special Judd Apatow figure. Each of the boxes are sealed so when you buy one you have no idea which figure you might get, just like cereal toys back in the day when we were kids. Remember when cereal had great toys inside? Around the same time MTV played music and cartoons on Saturday mornings were worth getting up for. 

I have sent 9 boxes to the gallery in LA and have kept one box for something special for when I will be launching my new website later this week. So make sure to sign on to my Facebook page with a Like and stay tuned for more. 

Make sure to check out all the great work from the show HERE and If your In LA make sure to get down as I am sure Mr Apatow will throw a damn fine party for all ya'll. Here's a list of al the great artists involved In the show. Hope you enjoy the work I'll have more pics up during the week. Big thank you to Joey Ingersoll for calling over and taking some great shots of the work for me. You the man Joey. 

Collect all your favourite Freaks and Geeks
 Lindsay Weir
Nick Andopolis
 Daniel Desario
 Ken Miller
Kim Kelly
Neal Schweiber
 Sam Weir
Bill Haverchuck

Each cereal box comes with free stickers. 

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