Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Happy New Year to one and all. Just a quick post to say that there I have new work up on my site which you can see HERE and HERE. Make sure to bookmark the site as I will be putting up loads of new projects In the coming weeks and steering away from the ol blog a little. Now go kick the shit out of January for nudging the Christmas fun times out of the way, damn you new year always gets a one up on you. Whataprick!
If you'd like to keep up to date with any of the creative fandango's this year or just scour through album after album trying to find more pictures of my amazing hat make sure follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks Liadain my warm head Is forever grateful. If anyone has any enquires about work you can get In touch at Now go slay that interruptive beast January. 

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Jess Tobin Art said...

You took the words outta my mouth,January really does buzzwreck the Crimbo funtimes, but...... tis a new year for new creative challenges and as I have said before tis the chinese year of 'getting ones act together' for me anyway.Ill keep follwing you & other hyperactively creative beings like you to keep me on me toes.Happy new year!
Ps super jealous of the hat!