Monday, February 16, 2009


Darragh Casey is putting up Shelves. Not any old shelves but his own idea of what shelves should be and what potential their functions hold. Darragh is a man of design and through his work he is making the ordinary very extraordinary. His sketches have since left his sketchbook and have found a new home on the walls of his Studio room. From the space I work, drawing or stitching something together, it's always like hearing a mad scientist creating a monster in the room next door. Drills buzzing, wood cutting, pencils scratching on the walls with the ocassional 'Aw Shit!', when something goes wrong. The pictures above are only some of what Darragh is creating lately. He constructed a shelf that is built around you. Usually shelves are put in high places and dont obstruct in any way but Darragh wants them to obstruct so that they can grow around what they want and fit wherever. This is just a sample of this project but there will be alot more.

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