Friday, April 17, 2009


I know I could maybe kinda be a little exaggerating but I think I'm dying! INFLUENZA!!! I got the black lung pops!! Blind Pew has given me the Black Spot! I'm dying I tells ya. Its been a shitty week! I have been trying to organise my exhibition which should be happening in 2 months, not should be God damn will be more like. I'm also working on a kids corner in a new magazine thats starting up which is great fun and ill explain more when I can stop coughing!! I'm dying, I'm not making this up! this might be the last ever photo of me so it explains in CSI detail exactly how I got small pox or scurvy or whatever this disease is.


Lost In The Post said...

Feel better soon. Tea, cures everything in Ireland, or so I'm told.

davetheminogue said...

Dude, check out my latest blog to figure out how to get better. It sounds like you definitely have swines disease