Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I haven't been the best at the old blog thing of late but do not dispare as there will be loads n loads coming up soon. This is a quick update of what i have been at over the past while and gives ya a heads up for whats coming up in the near future.

I just finished a commission for MCD working on Avatars for Oxegens website which was really good and all the folk at MCD are just dandy to work with. Ive been working loads on my own work for a big Kilkenny Arts Week Exhibition Ill be having in the Coach Road Studios which Ill be telling ya more about when I have it all figured out. I'm also working on new work for the Geppetto show in Cancie's Cathedral also for Arts week. Thi sshow is gonna be totally great ill put up a blog all about it soon. This weekend Ill be putting work into the Arty Party which is on in the Back Loft on Saturday night so do come will be a great night which Mia has done a deadly job putting together with her mates. Oh and at the end of the month ill be installing my piece in the 'For The Love Of' show in the Mill Street Gallery in Dublin which opens on the 2nd of July I think. Ive also been longboarding , giving away my dog in a heartbreaking parting, sorting out a new van and finding loads of new music. Im loving the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all over again and just spilled all me Special K dancing to the Animal Collective. Phewwwwww!!!!

What a shite bit of blogging there, just a load of info jumbled into one big sentence. Ill make up for it with more pictures and embarrassing stories. If i could give any advice to you today it would be this - NEVER give your USB stick to someone who you think cares about you OR leave that stick in a laptop in their company when you leave the room. That person or so called loved one will surely put a massive collecting of the most hardcore Porn on that stick and wait patiently for you to go into a print shop and ask to have pictures scanned onto it. ALWAYS CHECK THE STICK!!!!

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