Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Den. Now owned by Ray Darcy

I while back during the summer I started making these layer 3D illustrations from paper n card. Most of them were for my Remember me in 1983 show and this one was just for that. I was making what I could remember of the Den which I watched religiously everyday after school. I loved Zig & Zag and believed that life wasn't any better than watching them. Don't even get me started on the Christmas specials. Anyway I made this and then had the idea to send it to Today FM and give it to Ray Darcy as a gift and an invite to the show. He is someone who back in my childhood was a living legend and you forget nowadays when you hear him on the radio every morning but he was a big deal when we were little. So I walked into Today FM thinking Id somehow get past security in a dramatic chase and hand it to Mr Darcy. This didn't happen the security man just tool it from me n that was that. A week or so past and I listened to the radio each morning hoping they would mention it. The one morning I didn't listen in they talked about the gift and me n the show I was putting on. Damn good of them to plug me on the radio and it actually worked as loads who came to the show said it was on hearing it on the radio. These are the only few pics I have of the box which now belongs to Ray Darcy.Thanks Ray Darcy. Rockin!!

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