Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Maybe It's just me or maybe It's just my bad luck but I can't help but notice the increasing rise of mindless scumbags that roam this fair ol city of Dubland. I know Its pretty obvious and there hasn't been a day in past history where you won't meet some mad character on the street asking for change or just ranting some whack shit at you cause your jumper has an orange stripe on it and this has desperately hurt their feelings or caused offense in some way.  But lately and I think for the first time In a long time I have gotten more sketchy when wandering about Dublin City coming and going either on my bike or on foot.  A few weeks back whilst cycling my bike down towards Smithfield some random dude who was walking along the path forcefully pushed me on to the Luas tracks whilst shouting " BANG!" in my ear. My feet were strapped into my pedals and I flipped over onto the track with a mighty whack. The guy just kept on walking. The folk at the Luas stop didn't assist cause no one wants to get involved.  Two weeks back I was told by the security guy In Centra In Stoneybatter village that someone was messing with my bike outside, when I went out to check it It was gone, not stolen as It was locked but fucked into the middle of the road as taxis swerved out of it way. The guys responsible were sheepishly standing behind me laughing. When I approached them asking who threw my bike into the road they started on me justifying what they did as right and me asking a question non aggressively as wrong. A chase ensued. After fleeing up a side road I was told operatically that I was a faggot and to fuck off and die...because I own a bike and ask questions. NOICE!!!! 
The only reason I am voicing this Is because I'm so fucking sick of it, not a day goes by without me noticing some bullshit either In the city or where I live.  My frustration has increased 10 fold after I visited Toronto for the first time and was shaken by how peaceful and friendly the city Is. Drunken Asshole syndrom that infects Temple Bar on a weekend seems non existant and fights on the streets would make front page news. What annoys me the most Is that the scum In this city rule. They are never punished for their crimes and when they are they treat It as a holiday. My experience with the  Gardai on any issue I have ever had has always had the same outcome, just like smoking a joint at a party, they just never seem to get back to you and when they do its too late the fires gone out. When shit goes down you are truly on your own If you ask me. 
I had this idea, terrible as It may seem that reflected on that Kony 2012 nonsense. Out the bastards. Put up informative posters notifying tourists and people living In the city of the assholes that they may encounter. A few hints and tips how to get out of a scuffle. A few pointers on what to say and what say when approached by your typical Irish scumbag. Have information on who to call - not the Gardai but  when in trouble call your rugby playing mate who has a more fearful presence than the Gardai. This Is what I think should be done, or something along those lines. At least to humour the plight of this perpetual scumduggery! 
This Is my first tourist information poster. If you would like to download this and post It around to create social awareness on scumbags near you please do. If this takes off I'd be happy to make more and collaborate with others on making some new ones so please let me know If you do take it and pass it on so I know its worthwhile. 

Thank you and have a scum free day. 


Anonymous said...

Completely agree. It's disgraceful how they seem to be above the law - something that really puts in on me is when I pay for the Luas and the scummers just saunter on, take up all the seats with their feet, glare at the driver and fellow passengers and get away with it.

Mick Minogue said...

Couldn't agree more, I don't use the Luas that much but It seems Its a great free transportation device for these twits. They have the key to the city. My friend was held up on Sunday morning in temple bar, her bag stolen and then for no reason only that of compliance she was stabbed in the neck with this syringe. She now has the long wait on test results. People need to take action on these assholes once n for all! Cheers for the support anywho!

Colin said...

I agree. Would love to be involved if you go ahead. might do anyway if its cool with you.

Mick Minogue said...

Of course Colin, would love to have as many on board as possible, sure stay posted and I'll have more info up soon enough.

Anonymous said...

First up, sorry about your bike, that's a fair reason to get angry. More than fair. The poster below though? Cop on. You must have the wits to look a little further than your injured ego and ask yourself the root cause of why Ireland and Dublin have these characters and the problems that go with them, instead of making blanket 'scumbag' statements and even diagrams! The reason that this behaviour is tolerated is because in the most disillusioned and least sophisticated levels of society, problems manifest outwardly but there are far greater crimes perpetrated by members of what you presumably imagine to be 'upper' classes than the scumbags you mention here.