Saturday, June 16, 2012

Arrested Development Show In Gallery 1988

Really really excited about the upcoming Arrested Development Tribute show In Gallery 1988 which myself and my champion man friendo Mr Paddy Dunne will have a piece In. Paddy has always been such a great mate helping me out In my time of need with his awesome design skills. This Is our first proper collaboration the first of many to come, we have loads of surprises in store and what a way to start off but with a show that we both love insanely!  To be apart of such an amazing show celebrating one of the greatest shows television has ever seen is fanflippintastic! The piece myself and Paddy collaborated on is one of my favourite pieces I have made In a long time and Its not even finished Im that chuffed. So stay tuned here to see sneak peaks of our piece and hopefully a little video of it too ...hmmmmmm???? 

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