Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Tony Wonder Born & Bread In the USA Playset

Just as Tony Wonder hides In dumbwaiters waiting for someone to use the word 'wonder' so he can "magically appear from nowhere"  I have been hiding In my studio waiting to hear the words 'Arrested Development Tribute Art Show' so I could let let off a smoke bomb In celebration . Thats exactly what Gallery 1988 are doing on Friday the 29th of June. Not letting off smoke bombs but putting on the most magical Arrested Development show ever.  I am delighted to be apart of what Is sure to be one of their stand out shows this year. But this Is a show I could not have been involved In without my super man friend genius Mr Paddy Dunne. Paddy always helps me out due to the lack of my computer design skills, without any hesitation no matter how busy he Is and I never feel like I can thank him enough. So for this upcoming show I thought It would be ultra 'megic' (epic & magic merged together in one supercool word) If we did a proper collaboration where we both worked on the idea and design from the get go. And what a better show to do this for than Arrested Development, one of those shows that never stops giving or gets old and one that we both love as much as Buster loves Mother.
Choosing our favourite part of the show was so difficult, we literally wanted to make a piece for every scene, character and line. The possibilities are endless.  But for Paddy & myself Tony Wonder was one of those characters that still makes us laugh out loud. The scene where he whispers his bread illusion secret in Busters ear Is classic gold. Or one thing I can never get enough of Is Gob's stunned reactions to his terrible over dramatic tricks. So with that in mind It was only right to pay homage to such amazing characters by making our very own Tony Wonder Designer Toy Playset
Like most of the artwork I make I love reverting back to when I most appreciated artwork and design the most, when I was but a little lad. The artwork on toy packages, the display, the toys I miss those days and that feeling of awe and wonderment. I still have it today but It's tainted In grown up opinions and zero childlike excitement.  So I try bring that lost feeling  back with the new pieces I have been making of late. I really liked the how In the Sword Of Destiny episode how Tony Wonder famously baked himself into a loaf of bread and on his tacky website he Is seen popping out of a salad sandwich. I dunno why this reminded me of those amazing Mighty Max toys from the 90s. A boys polly pocket which also had a pretty decent cartoon attached to its short lived franchise. When I bounced this raw unworked kinda shitty idea off Paddy he was all like " Beezer!!!" That man brings excitement to a project like Jake The Snake brings snakes to the ring YO!  And so It began.  I started cutting out the playset and figures and Paddy set out to design and create some dapper packaging for what would be our very first collaborative art toy. This work was washed down with tall glasses of Arrested Development Juice for our eyeballs and brains which for me gave the show a whole new personal life. 

Our Tony Wonder Born & Bread In the USA playset will be for sale and on show In Gallery 1988 from next Friday the 29th on Melrose Ave, LA. If your about do go check it out Its sure to be one heck of a show. I am still overwhelmed to share the space with such amazing talents that hang on 88's walls and with the huge fan base Arrested Development has you know It will be a knock out show. Hope you like the piece, we would love some feedback from you so we know where to go on our next collaboration. The Classquatch Mr Ciaran Smith yet again blew us away with his amazing print skills so for anyone who wants the finest prints In town Plus Print Is where Its at. Thanks Classquatch, what a cool guy! 

Paddys Wonder-ful packaging & My Wonder Sandwich

The side of this box looks de-lish! 

The back of the box In all Paddy Dunne stylings

Accessories you will find inside. Mini Arrested Development Treats! 
Wooden sandwich for the troops! 
Ingredients - Wood, wood, wood hinges, paint and a dollop of varnish. 

Once open a playset magically appears.
The sandwich opens into the Gothic Castle playset - figures included
Mighty Max styled playset IN a SANDWICH???

Buster the magician and his mysterious assistant! 

Buster with interchangeable hands 
IM A MONSTER!!! With his claw!
With mechanical prosthetic  hand
Who is the mysterious assistant with the Sword of Destiny? 
Its Gob Bluth with interchangeable heads
His Reveal head
Masked Magician Head

 Did someone say WONDER???
 Tonys epic bread trick - Fold it into squares and hide it In a pocket in your shirt. 
 "you have a piece of lettuce on your shoulder" - " its part of the trick". 
 "Happy Hanukkah Cookie Man!" 
Handcut & painted figures + accessories
 Gothic Castle playset with table, candle, Tony wonder carpet, stage & lights. 
 Subway Club card with 3 stamps missing. 
Gobs fingers on stage. 
 Top of Tony Wonders sandwich
Wonders sandwich
 Beneath the sandwich lies some shoddy construction. 

Paddy Dunne's Wonder Box
printed by the amazing Classquatch ay Plus Print. They are magicians! 

 Free Inside the Tony Wonder Born & Bread Playset
 Paddy designed these amazing Secret Instruction cards that explain how to 
as good a magician as Tony Wonder. 

 The Magic QR code - For anyone at the show In Gallery 1988 on the night 
scan this for the internet to reveal a secret illusion !!! 

Made by two lads! Beezer!!! 


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