Friday, September 28, 2012


Well after a pun-tastic few days and too many Lionel Rich Tea bickys dunked In me tea I have to admit that the response from people about the Lionel Richie Engage piece has been surreal. Its staggering to know how many closeted Lionel Richie fans were out there all this time. I wonder If things would have been different If I had made a Stevie Wonder piece? Who know's but all I do know Is that this week has been pretty crazy with the story becoming national news and a debate happening online due to my heavy handed post after the whole thing went down. On reflection I got all upidy and lashed out at a place thats been a damn good home to me for many years. Dublin's as mad as a bag of badgers but thats Its charm. Standing by what I said In the heat of the  moment I was fed up,  pissed off & If there was a big enough door on the city I would'a slammed It. I was being that teacher who keeps the whole class In If the one lad who threw the pen doesn't own up.Too much heart on my sleeve and I rubbed my nose In it. 
 Well I can truly take back what I said about the scum out weighing the good folk In this town, Iv'e been eating my words for breakfast every morning since. The amount of people who have got In touch to say they wanted to see the piece back up and voiced their opinions on their love for the city was overwhelming. So many legends who mailed directly to say they didn't agree with me and gave me their reasons well I was super impressed and thank you, honest and inspiring. One thing that was being said a lot was " what did I expect to happen, sure it's Dublin" Or " why would I put something up If  I knew It would be torn down? What a dull place we'd live in if we all thought like that.  Does that mean then that we just don't bother? We don't make nice things or even try?  I was annoyed cause I really didn't want It happen, I wanted to be surprised & proven wrong. I couldn't care that my work was roughed up, I would have said the same if It had happened to any of the Engage installations. Its the expectation of disregard that some people seem to be comfortable with, I wasn't, so I said it out loud. 

Anyway to all who got involved good and bad thanks for doing so. I'll never be able to say 'Hello' the same way again.  Sorry to those who really hate Lionel Richie, this week must have been hell on earth for you, don't hold it against me, next week I'll have moved onto something else. For fans of the 6 ONE News I'm REALLY sorry last thing ya wanna see while your having your dinner Is me and a decapitated wooden Lionel Richie In a Garda cell. Hope It makes the RTE News DVD boxet for Christmas...they do that right????

Well all this arty nonsense Is still for a positive reason and that was always to bring a smile to a face when walking past an old phone box, an unsuspected surprise on a cold wet day. The Engage project Is still on going right up until October 8th and there are amazing installations dotted around Dublin from creatives Designgoat, Res Publica, Paul Mahon, Mint Design &  Leo Scarff Design. Check them out on the map above. These are the artists and designers who make a city interesting and enjoyable to live In and the more support they can get the more they can create for you.  Lionel's still got a massive hangover but he may be be back soon making prank phone calls and starting fights. 

Sincerely Yours,

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