Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988

Pretty excited to be showing as part of the Bad Robot Art Experience In Gallery 1988 this coming Friday. From what I have seen so far the work Is proper beezer so much Abrams wonders all over the shop. 
I gotta tell ya this was a bitchin but hella difficult  to stick to one idea, there was just so much to choose from the Bad Robot collection. In the end I decided to go with one of my all time favourite Abram moments. Cloverfield. I just loved that build up, that was real cinema for me, that whole guessing game was genius and having the nod to Escape From New York with the Statue of Liberty head scraping up the street, I was turned to nerdy mush, just love it. 
So I got to thinking, I wonder what the clean up was like In NYC after Cloverfield? Would have been a bitch getting that decapitated Liberty head outta the street. Homeless peeps slept under it, got tagged and I'm sure at the start It was a terrifying sight but soon the greatest tourist attraction ever. So my diorama Is all about mid clean up. 
 The little characters are all nods to Bad Robots catalogue or Abrams inspirations. In the door way of the Bad Robot offices 'the National Typewriter Company' there chills JJ the man himself all geared up for his next big adventure. 
Under the vandalised Liberty head with a little homage to my favourite 1980s New York artist there is a collection of Bad Robot inspirations. The kids from Super 8, Snake from Escape from New York, Locke from LOST. Then there are other less unknowns. Like Rod Sterling the Twilight Zone writer who was a hero of Abrams. Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie which Abrams counts as one of the greatest movies ever. An ape from Planet of the Apes because wherever there is a decapitated Statue of Liberty Head you'll surely find these dudes hanging out. In the background you have Spock under the teleported lamp light examining a strange specimen. In a basement window you can see one of  Abrams favourite Horror movie stars and last but not least who the Daddy of big budget cinema at its best just make things tidy. Also looking very confused after talking to Tootsie Is Bryan Burk Bad Robots co creator, a man who can't be forgotten. 
I decided to house this diorama In a Tannen's Magic Mystery Box. This was an idea given to me by my buddy Mr Steve. I had not seen JJ Abrams Ted Talk where he brings this box to the stage explaining why its such a big deal. His Granddad gave it to him as a gift and he has never opened it, it was remained closed and a constant mystery and inspiration. So In a sense I guess I guessed whats Inside.   

The show opens this Friday and be sure to check out al the great work HERE on the Galleries website. Best of luck to all the artists I get to hang with, you guys are the bee's knee's. 

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