Friday, August 16, 2013


The story of my souvenir is one of personal tragedy. My cartoon dreams came alive when I was given He-man & Battle-Cat for my fifth birthday. They went everywhere with me, I tucked them in at night, we had breakfast together, I even cycled two miles up the road on a plastic tractor to show Juliet Ryan hoping she would be my She-Ra. She wasn't home. 
In a field out the back of our house I would build fake  Castle Grey Skulls by a stream and bring all my toys out there. One evening my Ma called me in for dinner. I left He-man mid air attack on Skeletor with Battle Cat by his side thinking I'd scoff down my dinner and be back in a few. Then it started to rain. A rapturous applaud of thunder filled the air and lightening lit up the thick dark sky. It rained for 2 days straight. I watched from my bedroom window, hoping my two hero's would hang on for my Da to get to them in time. In a flash of lightening they were gone, washed away down stream, forever lost to the summer of 1988.

This was my contribution to the amazing Souvenir exhibition. Made with colouring pencils on wood and snapped by Stevie O' Connor. 


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