Thursday, September 25, 2014


The Rebels have come to Dublin and opened up a fine drinking and eating establishment. Soberlane is more than your grand auld pub, its a massive slice of lovely. Having been kitted out by the architectural genius of ABGC, I was commissioned to create some artwork for the walls and what a delightfully splendid commission it was.
The lads, like myself have a fondness for  80s & 90s pop culture . They also love that old school pub decor, so we decided to mash them up.  The result was some interesting pop culture taxidermy.
Paying homage to our long lost childhood trophies I decided to adorn the Soberlane walls with some fallen hero's.
Where did Bosco go? His yello box has a NAMA sticker on it for years. . Whatever happened to Alf? The truth is out there and it ain' pretty. Is Sonic still running around The Green Hill zone or did Robotnic clip him with his Nissan Micra??? The evidence is now behind the doors of Soberlane so be sure to pop your head in for some delish grub and tall pints off a grand bunch of chaps. Also whilst your there check out some stencilific pieces from ADW hidden about the place.

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