Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The latest edition to my 'Saturday Morning Nostalgia Project'. Skelly & He-Boy. Here we seea young Skeletor and He-man in a fit of giggles playing some intense Jenga. The Picture is full of references to great 80s and 90s cartoons childish culture. I especially like the freaked out eyes on Skeletors staff beside He-Boys sword in the umbrella bucket. I hope its a visual treat and reminds you of the great saturday mornings once had. Feel free to leave comments and drop your own memories of saturday mornings when you were little.
A cleaner fresher looking version will be posted soon as my scanner scans no more so excuse the crappy quality.

1 comment:

NESTEV said...

your a sexy sexy boy, thats lovely, i want to touch it with my glove of love.

i look forward to the day we tag team an exhibition back home.