Thursday, March 12, 2009


After a long wait I was honoured to be in the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin for the 2009 Golden Fleece Awards. It was a great feeling to be standing among the other artists and designers feeling our nerves bounce off each other. Roisin de Buitlear presented the work of each of the shortlisted and delivered strong feeling and time to every detail. She did a great job on the night and spoke openly and directly about all of the work which was so good to hear and see at last. I was honoured by receiving a Merit for my work in Textiles and I was joined by Garvan DE BRUIR who makes incredible wood sculptures and structures and is a pure design genius. I spent time talking with Mary Mackey and her husband who were so warm and natural and its always great to meet someone like that at an event where you feel nothing but rigid and stiff with nerves. Marys glass design work is some of the best I have seen in years and I encourage you too look her up. As incredible as it was to be short listed for the awards to get a Merit is truely amazing and really I feel a marking point in my career as an artist. The fine cash prize is a major boost and helps me bring my work together for an exhibition alot sooner. The main award went to Stevan Hartung who I met briefly before the show with his wife. His work and the studio he is building is truely fantastic and he is a well deserved winner as he dedicates all his hours to his craft and has a direct vision without anything to turn him in another direction. All in all it was a really great night for proud Ma's n Da's and there were some good clanking of pints after with mates so this wee boy couldnt be happier. Getting this Merit is like spinach to Popeye. I think the following morning I was on the floor cutting, sewing and gluing all day with new inspiration so expect to see a brand new website up soon and this old blog will be bursting at the seams.


John Morton said...

Fair play lad, fair play all round. Maximum kudos.

NESTEV said...

ah congrads lad, thats great, your great.