Friday, June 19, 2009

1st Class WORKsHoP!!! Central Model Invants School

A few weeks back I was asked to come in to the Cental Model Infants School in Dublin City and do a Textile workshop with the awesome first class kids.It is an amazing school and the staff and kids are all rocking. It was such a cool day and never under estimate the artistic creativity of children, they were the best little class to work with. I wanted to have them as my helper elves all the time.

It was the schools 150th Birthday, so we had to make a big banner for there party. There is a big tree outside in there garden so we decided to make our own version of the tree and put in loads of little animals and creatures. Loads of teachers got involved showing the kids how to sew and stitch and we had such goo dhelp all day so thanks to everyone who helped out. We totally partied with a bag a sweets after too. Here are some of the photos of the banner in the making.

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