Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Its a crazy feeling when your working towards one of those moments in your life you know your never gonna forget. Over the past few months myself and my good mate Paul Mahon have been working on doing some collaborations that don't involve partying and are very creative and artistic. Paul is the baby genius behind all of the RSAG's visuals which have been behind Jeremy Hickey and giving that intense edge to his great live shows. Under Paul's brainchild Geppetto we have worked on a visual and audible collaboration between musicians and visual artists which acts as very interesting and different live experience. We have been merging music with live illustration and seeing what distance we can take it.

On August 9th we play support to Amiina in Canices Cathedral which is part of this years Kilkenny Arts Festival. This to me is huge as an artist and as a huge fan of the band. I first heard them when I saw them play with Sigur Ros a few years back in the Olympia. I was blown away by them and have followed their music ever since. They are Sigur Ros in girl form! Sigur Ros!!!! The band that changed everything for me. UNREAL!!!!! To be able to be apart of such a great creative process with Paul and the lads is really amazing and to be able to draw live on stage for an audience is something I cant explain. I could work the rest of my life as a penniless artist and get nowhere doing what I do but If I could be thrown into something like this and get to do what I love the most and merge it with music live on stage well what more could I ever ask for.

So whoever you are and If your reading this go get a ticket for the show on Sunday the 9th of August. It starts at 8pm and promises to be a great show. Its in a cathedral ....you know its gonna be good. For more info and to find out about tickets and the bands click here.

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