Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Im working away on work for the Amiina show in Canice's Cathedral for Arts Week in Kilkenny in August!!!! I tell you now go go go book tickets its gonna be amazing and something you will not forget. I saw Amiina in the Olympia a few years back and was blown away by them, so breath taking and the calming. Make an amazing music treat for all. Have a look here were on the Arts Week Listening check me name right there woooooo in print baby!!!! Class!!! Click here!

Have a look see at Amiina doing their thing. Hope to see you there. Sunday 9th of August!!!!


JD said...

Savage. What are you doing on it? the Poster?

Mick Minogue said...

nope doing live illustration visuals!!! Like a 30-40min set!!! Gonna be really different

l.i.l.y said...

Can't wait :)