Monday, November 09, 2009


Here are some pics from The Coors Light PEAK gig we 'Geppetto COlab', did last Saturday night down on the Dublin Docks. Its was a cool night really freezin cool and really good craic, a big Thanks to Emily and all there who let us in to do our thing. Really nice folk Eoin and all the gang. We felt like little kids coming to work with our parents for the day. We were set up in a big cargo container back stage. We were set up beside all the big gear for the show and our set up looked well funny. A wooden tripod and a few wires into a camera and light over some pages and markers n pencils everywhere. DEADLY!!! We were on between bands on the main stage so it was a bit of craic n we messed about throwing up some cold images of yeti's n the like as it was one of he coldest nights in ages.
It was a weird night as we werent looking at the screens as we worked which usually we would be and know how to play with the space n screen size with the pictures we ad in but all n all it was a great buzz and damn good to be involved in a really strong set up.

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